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RJ Reynolds Test Marketing Electronic Cigarette

The Winston-Salem Journal published an article outlining RJR’s approach to smokeless alternatives. The story covered some of the company’s recent endeavors including snus and nicotine replacement therapy(!) However, it also appears the company is dabbling its toes in electronic cigarettes, running a very low-key test on a disposable e-cigarette product called Vuse.

The article has some other interesting insights and generally good information about big tobacco’s dabbles into electronic cigarettes.  The article also brings out a point which I’ve seen before in industry analysis, some feel that big tobacco entering the market brings credibility to electronic cigarettes.  Let’s just think about that one for a minute.  E-cigarettes need support from one of the most reviled industries to gain legitimacy? That’s kind of harsh.

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:44 pm
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