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Was it Really an e-Cigarette Fire That Injured This Man’s Eye?

We’ve sadly seen a few reports of e-cigarette explosions and fires (I addressed the idea of safety in an article not too long ago). This one has me scratching my head because even though the headlines blame an e-cigarette explosion, this one sounds more like an e-liquid “popping” incident to me.

Joe Vecchione, 54, of Sneads Ferry said the incident occurred at approximately 11:45 late last year at his home on CCC Road in Sneads Ferry. The pipe-shaped device, which uses a battery to dispense the smoke, “erupted” in his face and left him temporarily blind and in pain, according to Vecchione.

“My eyes were burning,” Vecchione said. “It was like a bunch of hot oil hit my face.”

via Man injured after e-cig blows up – Local – The Daily News, Jacksonville.

According to the picture in the story he was using an EVOD, but even if you end up filling a bottom coil tank down the air tube, it shouldn’t output as much liquid from the mouthpiece as this man claimed. If it was a true catastrophic battery failure while in use, e-liquid in the eye would be the least of his problems.

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:00 pm

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