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MA: Confusion over eCigs Forces Governor to Drop Tax Scheme

In a quest to replace the sweet, sweet sin tax money lost to e-cigarettes, many states would love to tax e-cigarettes. So far Minnesota is the only one that’s managed it. At least for now, you can take Massachusetts off the list of states considering driving vapers back to smoking.

Karmen Hanson, health program manager at the Conference of State Legislatures, said policymakers are still trying to determine how e-cigarettes should be regulated because they are relatively new on the market.
“Because the federal government hasn’t acted, states aren’t quite sure what to do with them,” she said. “In the absence of any federal activity or federal policy, states are starting to act just so they know that they’re doing something.”

via Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick drops e-cigarette tax proposal | The Daily Free Press.

Not that the state has experienced any sort of enlightenment.  Mass. cities have been on the vanguard of prohibiting e-cigarettes for years now.  This seems more like the state waiting for a good excuse.  Or perhaps the continued campaigning of the ALA and others to accept no specialized laws for e-cigarettes.

Updated: January 16, 2014 — 6:16 am
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