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Lazy Local Pol Thinks Law Should be Statewide

With a little help from their friends at the ALA, Duluth, MN city council members managed to squeeze a city-wide public vaping ban into existence recently. One of the politicians behind the move thinks the new rules are so great the whole state should adopt the rules.

Duluth council member: E-cig law could be model for state

Council member Linda Krug told MPR’s The Daily Circuit that e-cigarettes have made it more complicated to enforce the statewide smoking ban.

“From a distance, I would argue you can’t tell the difference. So how can you go to this one person and say ‘oh, that’s tobacco, you’re out of here’ and ‘oh wait, that’s not, that’s an e-cigarette so you can stay?'” she asked. “Once you start picking and choosing what’s allowed, that’s a slippery slope you go down.”

Maybe she just has some sort of inability to smell. Or maybe it’s just plain lazy. One thing I’m sure about, here example is the exact opposite of a slippery slope. You could also pass laws to prevent people from drinking apple juice and driving, since it could be mistaken for beer at a distance.

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:07 pm
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