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Everyone Has an Opinion

Previously I noted a letter to the editor speaking out against a North Dakota indoor vaping ban.  The same publication posted a letter with the opposing viewpoint.  The author claims that the FDA shouldn’t be relied upon since they are often wrong. You’ll also pardon me if I use the same photo of the Fargo DVD cover as last time.

[The FDA] insisted for decades that smoking was safe. They told us butter was unhealthy and ushered in an era of artery-clogging, transfat-rich margarine. They finagled a global ban on DDT, an effective insecticide that could have ended the spread of malaria. They approved the license of Vioxx and allowed it to be sold for five years after strong evidence began to surface that the arthritis drug was linked to heart problems and deaths.

Good point.  What the author probably isn’t aware of is that the FDA wants e-cigarettes gone.  So does that mean they should stay since the FDA’s wrong.  What about all the other stuff the FDA’s approved like Rasin Bran and toothpaste, should that be banned as well?

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:45 pm
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