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eCigs not Cool – Business Insider

Business Insider, that bastion of all things cool recently ran an article (really a roundup of other articles) noting how not cool electronic cigarettes are. Before mentioning articles noting things like that 90’s singer whining about e-cigarettes not being dangerous and other articles noting that e-cigarettes lack the danger of the real thing, the article did take time to assert that e-cigarettes don’t taste as good and they’re not FDA regulated. Oh, and of course, a little assuming that cigarettes are a tobacco company product.

Are E-Cigarettes Cool? - Business Insider

Finally, there’s the question of whether e-cigarettes will ever be cool. This is a big deal for an industry that has long relied on perceived coolness (with lots of help from Hollywood) to attract new smokers.

Some e-cigs are designed to look like cigarettes, right down to the glowing red tip, though they don’t burn down when smoked. Others come in sleek black with glowing blue tips. Either way, it’s hard to feel like James Dean while sucking a plastic glow stick.

Actually, I’m not here to argue the coolness points. e-Cigarettes aren’t cool because they don’t have the same danger? Great! That also means that as uncool devices, they are not actually appealing to kids.

Updated: March 26, 2013 — 6:24 am
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