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e-Cig News Roundup 1/13/2012 – Avast!

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Welcome to Friday the 13th! In today’s e-cigarette news we have a few items of interest.  First, a group of independent filmmakers (and vapers) is trying to launch a documentary.  A couple of upcoming bans are also in the news.  Finally, an actually well-done newspaper article on e-cigarettes and the cruise industry!  Grab your cup of joe and watch out for black cats as you pursue another fun-filled e-cigarette news roundup.


Vaping Documentary Getting Underway

I feel I’ve been a little remiss in not covering this earlier.  A group of independent filmmakers (who are also vapers) are launching a new documentary.  We Are Vapers will cover e-cigarettes, harm reduction and stories from vapers, among other subjects.


This film will explore the concept of Smoking Tobacco Harm Reduction, e-cigarettes role and the community that has risen alongside it.

This documentary will cover:

·   History of E-Cigarettes

·   Personal Stories of e-cigarette users (also known as Vapers)

·   The Concept of Harm Reduction

·   The Personalities of the Community

·   The Health Implications

The filmmakers are raising funds to begin production and are off to a pretty good start, but will need more assistance.  You can visit the page to find out how you can contribute to the effort. If this project can get off the ground, it may be one of the best tools for getting our story out there!


Vaping Ban for Saugus, MA?

The Daily Item reports that the Saugus Board of Health is considering regulating e-cigarettes.  The board claims that it’s not a ban, just putting the devices on the same level as tobacco.  That translates into no sales to minors (good) and disallowing use in the same place as cigarettes (that’s kind of a ban).  The article features an interview with a local e-cigarette store owner as well.

Inside: not necessarily bad

“The original intent of the e-cigarette is to help people stop smoking and I support that,” said Giacalone. “But because it’s such a new product, we don’t know if it’s harmful or to what level it could be taken. The research that I’ve done is that (nicotine) is considered a drug. There’s nothing cancerous in the nicotine itself. But with the e-cigarettes, we don’t know a lot about it.”

Since I’m pretty sure a lot of vendors actually read this site, let me take a minute out to talk directly to you.  If you sell e-cigarettes, especially at a bricks and mortar store, please realize the media can come knocking at any minute.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the talking points at places like CASAA.org.  If you don’t your quotes could end up sounding like e-cigarettes are a bad thing or the industry doesn’t care about safety.



North Myrtle Beach Going Forward with Ban

I reported back in December that North Myrtle Beach was planning on a fairly oppressive smoking ban.  According to a post in the NMB Times, the ban has been softened slightly and is back on the radar.  Apparently, at some point e-cigarettes were removed from the new plan and now attempts are being made to add it back in.

I think I used this same image last time

“It appears that the council would want us to include electronic cigarettes in the ordinance,” said Dowling. The electronic cigarette would be written into the ordinance to be controlled as regular cigarette smoking, forbidding the use of the substitute indoors. Concerns about the potential of different chemicals being released from the vapors exhaled by electronic cigarette smokers and the potential for enforceability issues arising are two reasons cited for the addition of electronic cigarettes.

If they are successful in their misguided attempts to ban e-cigarettes with no evidence of harm (or faith in the intelligence of enforcers), at least you can still vape inside when nobody is watching.  Maybe next they’ll ban unsweet tea since it looks too much like sweet tea (Southerners will know what I’m talking about).


e-Cigs at Sea

The Sun Sentinal ran a news story about how new tobacco policies on cruise lines will affect vaping passengers.  The story, which actually interviewed knowledgeable people is a bit of a high water mark as far as mass media reports go.  Turns out Princess is particularly vaper friendly at this point.

Yo ho ho!

Princess is allowing e-cigarettes in these areas because “unlike real cigarettes, there are no second-hand effects for other passengers,” spokeswoman Julie Benson said. Still there are limits as e-cigarettes can’t be used in dining rooms or the Princess Theatre.

Carnival and NCL are both sadly lumping e-cigarettes in with the regular kind.  Therefore, forbidding them in cabins as well. Ready for the strange thing here?  Carnival and Princess are owned by the same parent, Carnival Corporation. There was no mention of Disney or Royal Caribbean in the article, so it’s unknown what their stance is.

The paper also posted a poll where you can give your opinions about vaping on the high seas!



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