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e-Cigarette News Update 8/7 – Department of Redundancy department

Hello, and welcome to another fun-filled e-cigarette news roundup. There’s a couple of items of interest for you in today’s roundup. Mostly about prohibitionists and their wacky antics. Let’s just jump right in to the e-cigarette news for this week so far.

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What is up With These Groups, Anyway?

In an op-ed piece in the Examiner, Dr. Gilbert Ross criticized the FDA and other groups’ stances on harm reduction. The piece points out that some organizations like the WHO actively encourage countries with huge smoking problems to ban potentially life-saving devices immediately and come up with some sort of rationale on the backend. The piece notes that perhaps these groups are somewhat jaded because of past actions by cigarette companies.

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You know, after doing this for some time, I still find this whole thing weird.  I’m basically commenting on news stories that are critical of organizations whose mission it is to save lives.  Clearly, there is a disconnect here.

UK Feeling Left Out in Unsubstantiated Claim Department

The Sun ran a giant picture and a tiny article so that the Health Minister can say that e-cigarettes may not be safe.  Now you’d think an article about such a statement might be long because of all the scientific evidence that was found saying that e-cigarettes can be harmful.  Then again, maybe not.

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The Sun Article

That’s it, that’s the entire story.  The story on the web page featured a picture of someone using an e-cigarette that was considerably bigger than the article itself. I’m not in the habit of stealing entire articles, but that wasn’t much bigger than a regular quote.  I guess what I’m saying here is that there’s no substance to this story at all.


Maybe They’re Just Trying to Win an Award

UK advocacy group the ECCA posted an item on their blog recently.  The group wants to present awards at the end of the year to those who have done the most to… cause harm to consumers.  The idea is that certain people who are supposed to be charged with preventing things like smoking related deaths are doing more harm by claiming safer alternatives like e-cigarettes should be removed from the market.


More UK Articles

Clearly this is a tongue in cheek way of criticizing prohibitionists, but the idea isn’t without precedence.  Dr. Michael Siegel did the same thing previously on his tobacco analysis blog.  Maybe one day there’ll be a real-life banquet.  Maybe I can present an award, but only if there’s a gift basket.  I have my standards.

The Ashtray blog put out a new post disputing the claims made in recent articles appearing in UK papers.  The articles were apparently motivated by the UK health ministry’s shaky statements about electronic cigarettes.

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One of the oddest statements is that smokers could somehow mistake e-cigarettes for regular cigarettes.  Like it’s some sort of evil plot, I guess.  That’s not actually even a bad thing if it somehow were true.

Deal of the Moment
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