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e-Cigarette News Roundup March 15 – Ray of sunshine

Guess what? You made it to Friday, and it’s time for a fun-filled and packed to the rim e-cigarette news roundup.  We have some great items including the Utah tax’s absolute defeat, some promising science news and more. So, sit back, grab your favorite Friday morning beverage, and jump in!

e-cigarette news roundup


e-Cigarettes in the Media

This week featured a wide range of media stories, from typical (and sometimes extraordinary) hit pieces to interesting business analysis. Just for good measure I threw coverage of an interesting new study in the mix as well. [collapsible_item title=” Click to read media news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’mediamar15, businessmar15, sciencemar15′]




Local e-Cigarette News

Lots going on in the local scene. From scumbag politicians to scumbags cleaning out a vendor’s shop after hours, there’s a number of stories here as well.[collapsible_item title=” Click to read local news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’localmar15′]




e-Cigarette News Around the World

From across the US to across the pond. Let’s finish out the regular news coverage with a couple of articles from around the world. [collapsible_item title=”Click to read world news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’worldmar15′ create_para_tags=’true’][/collapsible_item]


CASAA Call to Actions This Week

[collapsible_item title=” Click to CASAA Updates”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”casaa-call-to-action” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’CASAAmar15′]




Deal of the Moment

[posts-for-page cat_slug=”dotm” num=”1″ show_full_posts=”true”]

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:33 pm
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