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e-Cigarette News Roundup Aug 8: Ya think?

In today’s roundup: Newsflash: e-Cigarettes Also Contain Nicotine | Another e-Cigarette Brand Soon to Hit Grocery Store Shelves? | Green Smoke Launches Viral Video Contest | Catherine Zeta-Jones Puts Down Tobacco Cigs, Picks up Vaping

The last few days have brought us a sampling of pretty much archetypical news stories we have around here. We’ve got another anti e-cigarette tirade from the Philippines, some press releases from vendors featuring new retail channels and a contest.  Finally our celebrity vaper rolls just increased by one more.  So sit back, fill up a carto and catch up on the haps.

Newsflash: e-Cigarettes Also Contain Nicotine

Here we have another anti e-cigarette piece out of the Philippines.  Sometimes I feel like I’m picking on that country.  There seem to be a lot of smokers and a lot of information originating from the country trying to dissuade said smokers from using the e-cigarette.  The latest piece appears to come from an official government news outlet.

The Department of Health warns the public on the use of e-cigarette or the electronic cigarette. It does not help people quit smoking and it is not safe for human consumption.

I kind of wonder if this is the same department of health that decided to allow smoking at urinals to help cut down on the odor.  Somebody please tell me this place isn’t as backwards as these stories make it appear.  Read the story over here and judge for yourself.

Another e-Cigarette Brand Soon to Hit Grocery Store Shelves?
Makers of the Metro brand of e-Cigarettes, Nicotek has announced a deal with Mercury Retail Services.  The three year deal will expand the e-cigarette brand’s presence in retail outlets including grocery stores.

Image: Nicotek

Nicotek™ and Mercury’s footprint continues to grow throughout the country, and they are looking forward to growing their business together. “By partnering with Mercury, we have opened ourselves up to existing retail relationships that Mercury has in place, and a distribution infrastructure that will increase our overall exposure nationwide.” says John Wiesehan III, Nicotek’s National Sales Manager. “With reaching over 2,300 retail outlets to date, this agreement provides us the opportunity to increase that number substantially over the next few years and beyond.” continues Wiesehan.

It’s always good to see e-cigarettes get a bigger footprint out in the retail space.  This allows more exposer to smokers looking for a better alternative to try vaping.  In a perfect world, I hope one day this leads to a good selection to be available at these outlets rather than one or two brands based on the smaller micro e-cigarette technology.  Check out the presser here if you are so inclined.

Greensmoke Launches Viral Video Contest
I previously reported on another maker’s contest to try and build some video buzz about their brand.  Not to be outdone, Green Smoke has launched a contest of its own.

Image: Green Smoke

Green Smoke®, the leading electronic cigarette brand, just launched its summer video project and is looking to end the summer with a bang. The Green Smoke® Video Project will act as a platform for customers to tell their stories and all qualifying entries will receive a cash prize up to $150. The top three videos will receive a $1500 cash prize. Additionally the video with the most ‘likes’ on YouTube will receive an additional $1000!

While the top prize isn’t quite the 10 grand the other contest will net the winner, it does look like there are quite a few cash prizes up for grab here.  Read more about the Green Smoke contest over at the local PR repository.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Puts Down Tobacco Cigs, Picks up Vaping
Hollywood.com reports that Ms. Zeta-Jones according to an article in OK magazine has been analog free for the past 3 months.

The Hollywood actor, who previously blamed his ill health on years of drinking and smoking, was given the all-clear from the disease back in January (11), and his wife has now embraced a healthy new lifestyle by quitting her bad habit.

Zeta-Jones was recently pictured puffing on an electronic cigarette during a family vacation in Europe and has reportedly been using the tobacco-free system for three months, according to America’s OK! magazine.

I wish Ms. Z-J the best of luck in her transition to vaping (as I wish to anyone moving away from traditional cigarettes, not just famous people).  You can check out the original post, but it’s actually quoted up there in its entirety.  It wasn’t exactly a big expose’.

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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