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e-Cigarette News Roundup 9-21 – Standing room update

Welcome to your end-of-the-week e-cigarette news roundup.  And today’s update is packed to bursting.  News has been a little slow lately, until the last few days where someone seems to have opened up the floodgates! So, get comfy, because this is going to be a packed update!

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Prohibition by any means necessary

Unapologetic prohibitionist Stan Glantz posted a blurb calling for all clean air policies to include e-cigarettes.  The call is based on a German study that came out recently showing 6 chemicals, including formaldehyde that were present in electronic cigarette vapor.

Glantz quote

Sounds pretty scary, right?  Except that there’s no mention of the levels of the substances the study found.  An earlier analysis of the study found that the chemical with the highest concentration was at about 2.4% of the maximum safe level of exposure according to OSHA standards.

Interview with Study Doctor

e-cigarette news ashtray blog logoThe folks over at the Ashtray Blog have done it again! The site published an interview with Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, the Greek cardiologist behind the very positive e-cigarette study that came out a while back.  The interview goes in depth both about the study itself and the doctor’s opinion of harm reduction, and what electronic cigarette clinical research should be focusing on.

The interview is pretty lengthy, and if you have any interest in some of the science or research into e-cigarettes, it’s certainly worth the read.  If only all researchers had the same attitude, I wouldn’t have had to write a lengthy rant about the inability to make an informed decision about e-cigarette dangers.

Desert Sun takes inaccuracy back to basics

desert news logoDesert news ran an article about e-cigarettes recently. The article did its best to get just about every media misrepresentation possible all in one place.  From the “lung damage” claims to passive vapor harm, and skewing Legacy’s numbers on awareness, this article seems to have it all.  Yes, it interviews assorted ecig users and, to its credit, also does mention the work Dr. Siegel has done.

desert news ecig quote

In essence this is one of those classic big media stories that I used to see a lot of last year.  If nothing else, they’re good for keeping the ecig news articles on this site flowing.

Youth e-Cigarette Survey in Poland

A new study out of Poland takes a look at e-cigarette use among that country’s young people.  The study surveyed students about former and current use of the devices. The study found that a number of students have tried e-cigarettes in the past, and a much smaller portion report current use of the devices. The study also noted that smokers were the most likely users of e-cigarettes.

I’m sure prohibitionists will use the numbers presented in the study to build a case that e-cigarettes are trying to corrupt America’s youth.  However, it’s important to note this study is out of Poland, which has a higher general tobacco use rate, and also appears to have a much higher youth smoking rate than the US.

e-Cigarette piece in health news site

Women’s health site Lifescript recently published a lengthy article about electronic cigarettes. The article was mostly positive including input from Drs. Siegel and Ross, proponents of harm reduction. The article also included some of the criticisms, but really in a brief sort of glossing over. You know exactly the opposite of many articles which post a lot of prohibitionist stuff and then some token harm reduction or ecig user quotes.

Lifescript ecig quote

It’s worth noting that this article is so pro-electronic cigarette that it even adds electronic cigarettes to the list of things that might help in the general advice for giving up cigarettes section.

Omaha mulls ecig tax

According to Convenience Store Decisions, the city of Omaha Nebraska is mulling an across the board 7% tax increase on tobacco products. Since you’re reading this here, that must mean e-cigarettes fall into that category according to the city.  The city claims that the taxes will be used to fund a new cancer research center at the local university.

Omaha ecig tax quote

Oh, I’m sure the money would go to some other good cause, after all, there’s such a good track record with tobacco taxes across the nation and all.  It’s also worth noting that Omaha is near other places, so retailers fear their tobacco customers will simply purchase elsewhere to avoid the tax increase. I guess the good news is that it’s not some crazy 70% tax that’s been proposed in other states before.

Nicolites does press release battle

nicolites press release imageUK electronic cigarette company Nicolites decided to take on the recent bad press e-cigarettes have gotten relating to the somewhat questionable release surrounding a greek study of airway resistance. The answer, a press release of their own, of course! The release relies heavily on some of the excellent analysis of the abstract, release and subsequent press exaggerations that was put out already by the pro-harm reduction experts in the field.


nicolites quote

The original press release surrounding the study was bad enough.  But, how quickly it got blown out of proportion by major news sites staggers the imagination.  It’s an interesting idea to try and counter the original release the same way with a counter point press release, but somehow I don’t think it will get the traction in major news outlets like the prohibitionist piece did.

Calls for New Zealand to stop the madness

An opinion piece on Voxy, a news site out of New Zealand pointed out the government is essentially sentencing smokers in that country to die by way of smoking. The article, penned by Dr. Laugesen of End Smoking NZ pointed out that that country is also home the largest study to date concerning the electronic cigarette, yet citizens there can’t legally purchase nicotine containing e-liquid.


Voxy ecig op ed piece quote

New Zealand classified e-cigarettes as drug devices pretty early on based on the fact they contain nicotine.  Of course, regular cigarettes aren’t considered a medical device, but are heavily taxed in that country.  A pack will set you back around $15 dollars in the local currency, or about $12.40 US.

Deal of the Moment

I’d like to use this deal to welcome a new advertiser to the site, Vaepe.  You can read my review of their Scandinavian design disposable e-cigarette here.  They also gave me a 10% off code to share, vaepe10 The company is currently working on more economical shipping to the US, so keep that in mind for later, if you’re in the UK or Europe, be sure to use that code when you check out at Vaepe.com

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