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e-Cigarette News Roundup 3-21-12 – Twas the night before WVD

title image for e-cigarette news roundupWelcome to the mid-week e-cigarette news roundup! Just a reminder that tomorrow is World Vaping Day! Be sure to check out the WVD site to see if there’s anything going on in your area. In e-cigarette news, we have a couple of different stories about researchers in favor of reduced harm solutions.  In other community news, We Are Vapers is nearing the end of its fundraising drive and still needs a little push to get over the top.  Finally, over on another blog, there’s some information comparing vaping with the symptoms of smoking withdrawal.  Sit back and peruse the hump-day e-cigarette news.


We Are Vapers Almost There

The independent film project “We Are Vapers” is well underway.  The project is a documentary about the e-cigarette industry and the consumers behind it.  The production is currently reaching the end of its fundraising project and has nearly reached its goal.

e-cigarette news we are vapersIt’s getting near the finish line for the funding campaign! I really appreciate everyone’s support! We are almost there only $5900 to make the min goal. Please help out and post to everywhere you can encouragement to not only make the goal but to blow it out of the water!

This film has the potential to shine some light on the industry in general, and us as the people who drive that industry.  If you haven’t yet, why not make a donation.  I’m sure the producers would be glad of any contribution no matter how small.  Then we can grab the popcorn and eagerly await the premier screening.


Researcher Explains Why e-Cigarettes

Readers of my e-Cigarette News Roundups are no strangers to the name Dr. Michael Siegel. The doctor who specializes in smoking prevention has always been a proponent of the electronic cigarette and other harm reduction methods.  Dr. Siegel recently posted a letter from a reader on his blog to explain his motivations.

Let me also note that not once in my career have I ever received a letter from a nicotine patch user, expressing his or her relief and gratitude that nicotine replacement therapy helped to quit smoking and resulted in immediate, measurable improvement in their lung function.

The article goes on to point out while these types of stories are anecdotal, they still provide some value from a scientific standpoint.  Ex smokers shouldn’t be ignored, rather this should be a jumping off point for the science to look at why they work.  The notion that they should be forbidden is wrong-headed and will result in people going back to smoking in the long term along with all the problems associated with cigarettes.


Another Researcher Supports eCigs

Public Radio station WKU out of Kentucky ran an interview with researcher Dr. Brad Rodu.  Rodu is a proponent of reduced harm products such as e-cigarettes. The all-or-nothing approach isn’t efficient and electronic cigarettes can help in the fight.

e-cigarette news vintage radioBrad Rodu says it’s time for the public health community to re-think how it looks at the smoking debate in this country.  Rodu is head of the Tobacco Harm Reduction effort at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center. He says for too long the smoking issue has come down to an all-or-nothing wager: smokers are told they either have to give up cigarettes, or keep smoking and die.

Dr. Rodu, like Dr. Siegel has been a long time proponent for common sense approaches to stamping out cigarette use.  I find it funny that people fight against quitting using the traditional methods, yet are totally happy to switch to e-cigarettes.  That alone should say something about how the traditional quitting approaches are going about it the wrong way.


Vaping Didn’t Do It!

One of the most common things that occurs when switching to e-cigarettes and giving up cigarettes is many of the withdrawal symptoms still happen.  Many new vapers confuse these as relating to electronic cigarettes specifically.  The Ashtray Blog recently ran an article covering some of the more common symptoms.

e-cigarette news ashtray blog logoThis year I’ve heard two people complaining of mouth ulcers from vaping. While there may well be side effects from quitting vaping – we do that know a very small minority of people are allergic to propylene glycol, and that it can cause sore or dry throats – some reported side effects are also identical to those caused by quitting smoking.

To be honest, this was on my radar for a future eCig 101 article, but I never quite got around to it.  I’ll just refer everyone over to that article instead :)

Disclosure: I run ads for ECigarette Direct, the owner of the Ashtray Blog


Deal of the Moment

e-cigarette news vision tox imageThere’s a new mass produced variable voltage e-cigarette in town.  This one is the Vision Tox.  It’s clearly taken some cues from the Lavatube, but is a different beast.  Beyond the variable voltage, it also sports an OLED display and the ability to switch between different sized batteries through the use of different tubes.  ECig Express has the kit on sale now with all kinds of goodies for under $80.  You can buy yours here.



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