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e-Cigarette News Roundup 2-1 – Lorem ipsum

Welcome to another Friday and another new and exciting e-cigarette news roundup.  This week the eCigarette News Roundup comes with instructions! The new weekly roundup format makes for some huge articles it turns out. To fix that, I’ve organized all the news stories by section. To view the stories in a section, click the grey bar and the stories for that topic will apear like magic.  Clicking the bar will hide them again.

Now that the instructions are out of the way, it’s time to get on with the update. There are once again tons of articles from some interesting science to the press running some heavily misleading headlines. So let’s get started with all the news that fits.

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e-Cigarette Industry Business News

This week’s business news featured another vapor shop profile, this time from the United Kingdom. SFATA’s meet up in Vegas took place this week as well. So far, other than Bill Godshall’s talk being scuttled, not much news about the event has hit the interwebs.[collapsible_item Title=”Click to read business news.”]

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e-Cigarettes in the Media

The media always has a thing or two to say about e-cigarettes. This week was a particularly bad week for negative e-cigarette stories. Everyone from Miss Manners to Carson Daly had something unfortunate to say about the devices. Some were influenced by prohibitionists unawares, while others were simply outright clueless.[collapsible_item title=” Click to read media news stories”]

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Science News

In contrast to the media news, this was a pretty good week for science news. Dr. F makes two appearances this time around with a new study on vapor’s impact to heart tissue and an interesting case study. There was also a small study released that showed promise for e-cigarettes with patients with certain mental illnesses.[collapsible_item title=”Click to read science news items”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’sciencefeb1′ create_para_tags=’true’][/collapsible_item]


Local e-Cigarette News

In local news, we have some pretty typical stuff going on. There’s your assortment of local news stories where stalwart reporters seek out the hidden dangers in electronic cigarettes. There’s also a nice profile piece on electronic cigarettes as well.[collapsible_item title=” Click to read local news stories”]

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e-Cigarette News Around the World

Things have been fairly quiet in world news this week. Some doctors in India have come out in favor of electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile in the UK, vendors continue to get nervous over potential regulations that might come down in that nation.[collapsible_item title=”Click to read world news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’worldfeb1′ create_para_tags=’true’][/collapsible_item]


Deal of the Moment

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