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e-Cigarette News Roundup 11-16 – Who are you?

Welcome to your end of the week electronic cigarette news, World Health Organization edition. The WHO met this week to revise their framework on smoking prevention with sights aimed squarely at electronic cigarettes. Naturally, the news items that cropped up this week have been a little slanted in light of the event. Don’t fear, just like the real news, I tossed a trashy celebrity story in at the end to lighten the mood. Let’s jump in to this week’s e-cigarette news then!

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BBC News Reports on Confused Employers

The BBC published a story about how some UK employers are facing a dilemma over what to do about electronic cigarettes. Some employers have taken to banning them because they send the “wrong message” I can sort of understand that even if I or others may disagree with it. However, it turns out some companies are simply making stuff up about the devices to bring down the ban hammer.


Interesting.  If e-cigarettes had a source of ignition similar to cigarettes, they’d be cigarettes.  There is no burning. While there is a heating element it is contained within the cartomizer with no open heat source exposed outside the device. You would have to be trying very hard to set your clothes on fire with an electronic cigarette.  The UK e-cigarette industry trade association was also quoted in the article noting that ecigs are about as harmful as a cup of coffee.

A Call for Common Sense

WHO LogoThe WHO is currently meeting in Seoul to discuss the smoking epidemic. I previously wrote about the WHO’s new dogmatic stance on electronic cigarettes. The former head of Action on Smoking and Health in the UK posted an open letter to delegates on his blog. In the letter Clive Bates asked the delegates to look past the reports that would be presented that featured a quit or die approach and consider the overall benefit to health as many smokers would continue smoking without harm reduction.


Bates has been a proponent of harm reduction, even while he was with ASH. He recently talked in-depth about the topic of harm reduction and the failure of many in the health community to embrace this approach.


e-cigarette news acsh logo imageThe WHO meeting this week has drawn a lot of criticism from the harm reduction field. Most recently, Dr. Gilbert Ross of the American Council for Science and Health (ASCH) penned an article in the American criticizing the blind drive to ban e-cigarettes in favor of less effective cessation solutions. It seems that the call for bans are being increasingly based less on science and more on some sort of prohibitionist dogma.

You see, it seems that the argument about antifreeze is finally losing traction with the prohibition types. Now they are focusing on the fact e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and that their similar appearance to smoking is somehow a trap to get people onto the real deal. So I guess there are people saying, hey I like this nicotine stuff, but I wish there were a way it could kill me, I should try smoking instead.

Chain Vaping in Tinsel Town

Ok, so I’ve kind of given up on the celebrity vaper stories.  There are just too many celebrities with e-cigarettes these days, so it’s sort of boring. However, this nugget from gossip site Hollywood Life made me chuckle a little.  Apparently Robert Pattinson of sparkly vampire fame has a bit of an e-cigarette problem.  Friends are apparently a tad concerned that he’s blowing through three disposables a day.


Pattinson ecig quote

So, as we all know disposables pretty much don’t last 24 hours, so 3 a day isn’t probably even that heavy.  The real idiocy here (beyond actually making this a “thing”) is that he’s buying so many damned disposables.  Normal people wouldn’t do that, they’d buy a kit after a couple disposables to save money.  Someone get that dude a link to this site so he can find some decent gear and chain vape like a champ!

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:38 pm
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