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e-Cigarette News Roundup 10-23 – Down to the Wire


Welcome to the first news roundup of the week! This week’s roundup seems to be very closely related to the WHO (World Health Organization  as the biggest news was Qatar making some pretty bold statements under the guise of following WHO directives.

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Pueblo, Colo. Looks at Licensing

pueblo chieftain logoAccording to this excerpt from the Pueblo Chieftain, the Colorado city is considering requiring licensing for all local retail establishments that sell alternative tobacco products. Apparently the town has a pretty significant teen smoking problem and the licensing idea is a measure to make local businesses actually adhere to the law and not sell tobacco products to kids.  The available article didn’t mention a problem with kids smoking e-cigarettes, but some of the other tobacco use stats, specifically cigar use, are staggering.

I’m too cheap to pay for a subscription just to find out whether or not everything goes down the tubes from there. However, in the quote for the article’s image, the article claims that e-cigarettes are also known as “vapor smokers.” I don’t hold out a whole lot of hope.


Qatar, You Silly Goose

A report in the Gulf Times indicates that Qatar’s health ministry has distributed circulars to pharmacies in that nation reminding them that e-cigarettes are banned and should not be carried by pharmacies. The article states that according to the WHO e-cigarettes are more dangerous than regular cigarettes.  It’s unclear from the article whether the newspaper is making that assertion, the government is doing it or if there’s some WHO document that actually says that.

The WHO are not exactly fans of e-cigarettes and have tossed any number of accusations at e-cigarettes in the past.  However, I’m not sure I’ve yet seen them suggest that folks stick to regular cigarettes, you know, for safety.

Siegel on WHO

Perhaps inspired by Qatar’s lunacy, Dr. Michael Siegel took on the issue of the WHO in his blog this week. The article points out that the WHO’s official stance on tobacco is that of denormalization. That is, to make smoking unacceptable worldwide. Because of that, and not because as Qatar claims that e-cigarettes are magically dangerous, the WHO wants e-cigarettes to go away.

The doctor also points out that the fact they are so similar to the smoking routine is exactly what makes e-cigarettes successful.  Personally, the cries to ban e-cigs based on appearance are about the most disturbing to me.  Everything about e-cigarettes and bans are some sort of slippery slope or another, but seriously banning something based on appearance, that’s an especially disturbing concept.


Deal of the Moment


US e-liquid manufacturer Halo does this all the time, but I’ve not featured it as a deal of the moment before. It seems that whenever the company has a new flavor to roll out, they’ll toss it in with your order over $20 free.  This isn’t one of those little 3ml sample sizes, it’s a 10ml bottle, so you have enough juice to actually tell if you like it or not.  The new free e-liquid sample is of Twisted Mocha which features a unique coffee blend with peppermint.  To get the freebie, just place an order with Halo E-Liquid. If it’s over 20 bucks, they’ll toss it in with your order, no coupon necessary.

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Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:39 pm
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