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e-Cigarette Medicalization Taken out of EU’s TPD

While the US braces for the FDA to come down on e-cigarettes (just as soon as the government turns the “open” sign back on), the EU has come to its senses.  The Tobacco Products Directive was amended to include much more sensible e-cigarette guidelines.  While not a total victory for vapers as there are still some advertising and nicotine content rules (30mg/ml is the strongest you’ll be able to get), the devices will no longer be banned.

MEPs tighten anti-tobacco laws aimed at young smokers

bbc logoEuro MPs have voted to tighten tobacco regulations aimed at putting young people off smoking, but some measures do not go as far as originally planned.

They rejected a European Commission proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products – a move that would have restricted sales.

They backed a ban on menthol cigarettes – but with a five-year delay. And slim cigarettes will not be banned.

There will be more negotiations with EU governments before the law is adopted.

So in theory, it’s possible this one could take a turn for the worse before the law is official. However, this is in general a good day for our European friends.  Except those in the UK. The MHRA jumped the gun a few months ago and decided to medicalize ecigs.  That one will still need some work.

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:05 pm
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