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e-Cig News Roundup 4-13: Friday the 13th

Welcome to your end of the week e-cigarette news fix!  I’m sad to say that it’s been a slow couple of days on the news front.  There’s only a couple of items for you today.  Both of them are pretty interesting pieces at least.   Instead of a cup of coffee today, maybe just a shot of espresso as you enjoy the bite-sized e-cigarette news roundup.

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Another Convenience Store Industry Analysis Piece

The convenience store industry publications have been running a lot of articles lately about e-cigarettes.  Many of them are quite good.  Convenience Store Decisions just released an in-depth piecelooking at the uptake of e-cigarettes like the FIN and blu Cigs disposables in the industry along with some of the current legal wranglings surrounding e-cigarettes.

If e-cigs aren’t lighting up across bars and restaurants near you, it could have to do with your location—but rest assured they’re on the way. Research shows the product appears to be catching on fastest in the South, with 33% of e-cigarette users living in Southern states compared to 19% of e-cigarette users living in Northeast states, according to ECH Research in conjunction with Opinionnaire, June 2011.

These articles tend to be a look at the industry from a business perspective, so lots of factoids and stats like the ones above are to be found.  Since the publication is all about business analysis, it’s reasonably free of the propaganda found in a lot of mainstream media articles.


e-Cigs in… National Geographic?

I have to admit, of all the places I’ve seen articles about e-cigarettes, I never really expected to see one in Nat Geo.  But, at least online, that’s exactly what they did.  The article looked mostly at the environmental impact of e-cigarettes.

Because electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke, they are much less risky to non-users and to air quality in general. The health impacts on users are not well known, since the products have only been on the market for a few years. The FDA has recommended against their use, pointing out that there isn’t enough data to know how much nicotine a user might actually inhale, and whether there might be adverse effects.

Of course the FDA had to show up, this is a mainstream piece after all.  Also, for some odd reason there was a link to South Beach Smoke in the article (why not Smokeless Image or someone else?).  Still, it’s an upbeat article in general, so I guess I shouldn’t whine too much.


Deal of the Moment

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Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:52 pm
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