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e-Cig News Roundup 3-23-12 The Day After

Happy Friday! Welcome to the day after World Vaping Day. I hope the day was good for you. Judging from the online buzz, it seems like WVD did its job of spreading some e-cigarette awareness.  Here’s hoping for a great vaping year.  In today’s e-cigarette news roundup we have a couple of World Vaping Day related stories.  Also some ban news.  Sit back and dig into this e-cigarette news update where we start with some classic local TV fear mongering.

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News Outlet Clings to Old Ways

You know what I havent’ seen a lot of lately?  Completely lazy news stories that drudge up old and debunked information about e-cigarettes.  That’s gotta be easier than, you know, researching a story and reporting, right? WVIB out of… well I’m too lazy to research where they’re from so I can report on it, had this to say:

The FDA warns, e-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans and may not be safe. But after smoking for 40 years, the Harmons say they’ll continue to use the product, because it’s keeping them away from an actual cigarette.

One of the ingredients the FDA warns of is diethylene glycol. That’s something used inside antifreeze.

Researchers say it may still be possible to develop cancer from using these e-cigarettes.

For good measure they also mentioned that Canada has banned e-cigarettes.  Canada only banned nicotine, they whine about e-cigarettes, but they’re still legal up north.


ACSH Support of World Vaping Day

The American Council for Science and Health ran a World Vaping Day article on their blog. In the article, the organization supports the idea that e-cigarettes can radically cut down on smoking related deaths each year. The article further blasts groups who continue to deny the basic math of this formula.

e-cigarette news acsh logo imageBut how can government agencies and public health organizations help reduce the devastating toll of cigarette smoking? By promoting tobacco harm reduction, of course! And coincidentally, today marks the first annual celebration of World Vaping Day! (Vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.) Sponsored by the World Vaping Day Project Group, the event highlights the growing popularity of e-cigarettes and encourages smokers to make the switch.

I have to say, WVD has made far more headlines than I thought it would.  It seems like as far as raising awareness, this event has exceeded my expectations.  Maybe things like this may begin to change some minds and elevate e-cigarettes to their rightful place as a technology that can save lives.


ECig Industry Facts, Figures and Posturing

Convenience store industry publication CS Decisions published a fairly in-depth article about e-cigarettes as they relate to the convenience store industry.  The article includes quite a bit of information, unfortunatuly including some idle speculation about the Florida e-cigarette explosion. However, there’s a lot of good information.  If you like stats, they got plenty:

Fin Cigs disposable review e-cigarette imageOther study highlights include:
• 46% of e-cigarette users either smoke or used to smoke cigars.
• 33% of e-cigarette users reside in Southern states.
• 19% of e-cigarette users reside in the eight Northeast states.
• 57% of e-cigarette smokers have used e-cigarettes less than six months.
• 79% of initial e-cigarette purchasers continue to buy and use them.
• 82% of e-cigarette smokers currently continue to smoke regular cigarettes in
addition to e-cigarettes.
• 62% of e-cigarette smokers state they have stopped smoking cigarettes or smoke fewer cigarettes since starting e-cigarettes.

The article also had some good long term cigarette use numbers from a different study as well.  And yet, prohibitionists generally still refuse to see how e-cigarettes can fit into a society with less tobacco smoke.


Utah Ban Final Despite Lack of Evidence

The Utah vaping ban has officially been signed into law. The Standard published a letter penned by Aaron Frazier from Utah Vapers.  In the letter Frazier points out that the state of Utah has effectively banned e-cigarette usage with zero evidence to support the move.

By signing HB245 into law, our government is promoting bans without any evidence that it poses any level of hazard to the public. We believe this undermines the efforts to promote smoke-free policies our policies are no longer backed by scientific evidence. Mere speculation that there might be a hazard, without any specific evidence to support that speculation, is irresponsible and a demonstration of big government over a government FOR the people.

Not to get too political here, but sadly, this is an example in general of how science is being thrown out of the legislative process.  Laws, that impact people, are based more and more on speculation and conjecture than evidence.


In North Carolina Health Department Thinks For You

The Fay Observer ran a bit about e-cigarettes in one of their Q&A articles.  In the piece, a reader asked if it was OK to use an e-cigarette in local restaurants.  What should have been a simple question (the answer is yes if the management is OK with it) made an odd turn.

e-cigarette news salt shakerThe Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services says businesses may find it’s in their best interest to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes to avoid confusion. It said the devices look like real cigarettes and may cause other customers to wonder if the business is complying with the law.

For some reason the paper had to go the route of drumming up a bunch of prohibitionist propaganda.  But the most interesting thing is the health department apparently takes it upon itself to be the confusion police.  I wonder if the health department would also like to crack down on salt and pepper shakers that look like soda bottles.


Indianapolis Revisits Smoking Ban

Previously, I reported on a smoking ban (including e-cigarettes) in Indianapolis that was vetoed by the mayor. That ban is back again in apparently a mayoral-friendly format.  At the moment the ban does not include e-cigarettes, but that looks likely to change according to the Indianapolis Star.

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The new measure also still would exempt cigar and hookah bars and retail tobacco shops, and likely Downtown’s off-track betting parlor. The previous proposal would have included electronic cigarettes in the ban; I haven’t seen the new version, but many council supporters have voiced a strong desire to cover e-cigarettes under the city’s ban. An expanded Indianapolis smoking ban would cover all of Marion County except for Southport, Speedway, Lawrence and Beech Grove, which set their own smoking policies.

I’ll just point out that the mayor’s previous objections had nothing to do with the e-cigarette provisions.  His beef was how the proposal handled private clubs.  This is going to be one to watch out for and be ready to educate on.


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