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e-Cig News Roundup 2-8 – Bats!

It’s Friday, so that must mean it’s time to collect up the e-cigarette news stories for the week and gather them up in a neat and portable package. This week had fewer stories than last. But, things were a little heavy on the topic of Media coverage. Not only was there a selection of pinheads this time, but there was also a story that gave great coverage of the work CASAA is doing. Oh, and to my European friends, be sure to read the last story in the roundup and act!

Now then. On to the news!

e-cigarette news roundup


e-Cigarettes in the Media

As I teased in the intro, you’ll find a good story on CASAA in here. You’ll also find a selection of silly prohibitionist chatter to sort of balance things out.[collapsible_item title=” Click to read media news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’mediafeb8′][/collapsible_item]


e-cigarette news trying science image

Science News

There’s but one story in this section this week. But, it sort of has potential. Kinda.[collapsible_item title=”Click to read science news items”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’sciencefeb8′ create_para_tags=’true’][/collapsible_item]


Local e-Cigarette News

Local news can always be entertaining. Let’s see how one paper played the crazy headline game.[collapsible_item title=” Click to read local news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’localfeb8′]




e-Cigarette News Around the World

If you’re from Europe and read only one story in this roundup, this is the story you should read![collapsible_item title=”Click to read world news stories”][posts-for-page cat_slug=”news-item” show_full_posts=”true” tag_slug=’worldfeb8′ create_para_tags=’true’][/collapsible_item]


Deal of the Moment

[posts-for-page cat_slug=”dotm” num=”1″ show_full_posts=”true”]

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