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e-Cig News Roundup 1-18 – Change is Good

Welcome to another fabulous e-cigarette news roundup for your Friday!  I’ve decided to go ahead and drop the midweek updates on Tuesday since I publish the news as it happens. Friday will then be a rollup of all the news for the week in case you’ve missed anything.  Since that makes for a jumbo update sometimes (like this week) I’m going to try and organize things by category.  Bear with me as I’m making this stuff up as I’m going along.

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Local News

Vaping getting big in Alabama

According to this post in the Auburn Plainsman, vaping is really catching on in that Alabama City. The city like many across the country has enacted tougher smoking restrictions driving smokers away from their favorite establishment. Some have turned to vaping according to a local shopkeeper.

According to this post in the Auburn Plainsman, vaping is really catching on in that Alabama City. The city like many across the country has enacted tougher smoking restrictions driving smokers away from their favorite establishment. Some have turned to vaping according to a local shopkeeper.



Media Coverage

Observer not so much

Pr_089_-_TRI_-_06_12_10_-_018A recent article in the New York Observer took umbrage with a study on e-cigarette vapor funded entirely by donations. The IVAQS took several years to complete and was funded by money raised at vape meets and the such. Apparently, the author of the article is worried that consumers may be just as much a headache as tobacco companies. To be fair, the author also claims that doesn’t mean the study is inherently flawed.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 6.42.22 PM


Leaving aside that they meant the FDA, not the FCC doesn’t make this paragraph any less flawed.  First of all, nobody is holding the FDA back. But more importantly, where exactly do they think the money comes from for all the studies on things like drugs and food additives? Is there a science fairy out there somewhere that grants research wishes?


Article debunks the “appearance” argument

The battle strategy of e-cigarette opponents has shifted recently. I’ve noticed the argument has moved from some unknown harm to the simple idea that vaping looks like smoking and that’s enough to try and get them banned.  It looks like I’m not the only one who thinks this argument is bogus and potentially dangerous. Click Liverpool published a post recently in which the author also notes how education, not banishment is the key to saving lives.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 11.16.45 AM

I think it became apparent a long time ago that among the confirmed prohibitionists, it’s less about saving lives and more about this etherial concept of de-normalization. What else can explain dismissing a device that smokers willingly adopt and are far less dangerous that cigarettes? Sure, some are influenced by funds from drug companies, but there are also true believers in that camp. They apparently haven’t heard the proverb “perfect is the enemy of good.”


World News

ASH UK sees the light

e-cigarette news ashtray blog logoThe UK version of Action on Smoking and Health, did something shocking.  According to this post on the Ashtray Blog, the organization has issued a release putting their support behind e-cigarettes.  The former director of ASH has been very active in fighting the EU’s de facto ban on e-cigarettes, but the group itself has been somewhat standoffish on the matter until now. While ASH still believes some regulation needs to be in place for quality control, they see the benefit in harm reduction.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.30.33 PM


Sadly, the American counterpart to this group remains one of the most rabid opponents of electronic cigarettes.


UK e-cig companies getting into TV game

In a press release, UK e-cigarette company SKYCIG announced it’s going to take a stab at television advertising while the getting’s good. Like the US, the UK has nixed cigarette advertisements on television for decades. This ad will feature the convenience aspect of vaping, and it doesn’t seem that there will be any B list celebrities in this one.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.59.03 PM


It’ll be interesting to see how this is received. While I have no doubt the FDA will likely squash such advertising in the US when it regulates e-cigarettes later this year, I’m not sure if anyone in the UK is poised to do the same. I don’t recall any such restrictions in the EU’s masterwork of shilling to the drug companies.


UK ecigs no longer allowed to be harmless

nicolites press release imageUK e-cigarette company Nicolites got themselves into a little hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority over website claims that vapor is harmless. The ASA investigated after someone complained the claims were misleading. The agency ruled against Nicolites citing the evidence provided was not sufficient to prove that vapor was completely harmless in humans.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.12.12 PM


I’m sort of wondering if this story is going to be picked up by prohibitionists with some sort of claim about a UK regulator finding e-cigarettes are not harmless or some such drivel.  Unfortunately, Nicolites appears to have picked the wrong studies to provide. Clearstream or IVAQS probably would have been better choices since they support the claims directly rather than being loosely related to the individual ingredients.


UK Regulator ready for a fight

It looks like UK e-cigarette companies are keeping the ASA busy these days.  You remember the Advertising Standards Authority, right? I mentioned them in the post I published like 5 minutes ago. Well, it appears that the ASA is gearing up for a fight with another brand of electronic cigarettes. E-Lites is planning on running television ads soon. The Standards Authority, are ready to put the kibosh on these ads if they cross the line according to this story in the Radio Times.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.22.47 PM


This might end up being one of these challenges that sends ripples throughout the government as the UK decides exactly what to do with electronic cigarettes. This should be particularly interesting with EU regulations looming overhead.


Offbeat News

UK Woman gets “talked to” ends up on news

According to this article in This is Grimsby, a woman was asked by security at a local mall to leave the premises when they approached her about using her e-cigarette inside the shopping center (centre?). The article didn’t seem to make clear whether the woman simply stopped or refused and was tossed out. The mall’s policy specifically includes e-cigarettes, so this isn’t a case of the security guard not getting it.  For their part, the mall apologized for the incident.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.22.40 PM


I find myself taking an odd position here. While I’m a fan of vape-friendly establishments, businesses do have the right to disallow whatever they want.  They can forbid purple hats if they felt so inclined.  We, as consumers then have the right to not patronize places with rules we don’t like.  That’s how it works.  This article feels a little… whiny to me. I think I’m just grumpy these days.

Prohibitionists gone wild

beverly hilton location of golden globesCalifornia’s favorite prohibitionist is at it again, this time with a little help from his friends. Electronic cigarette company Revo recently put out a press release (that has since been pulled offline) touting their brand and encouraging people to vape at the Golden Globe Awards. That didn’t sit well with Stan Glantz, who promptly contacted the state Attorney General. The AG turned around and informed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who then sent a cease and desist to Revo. The Professor then bragged about his accomplishments on his blog.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 7.57.26 AM


So I realize my screenshot might be a little hard to read there. In case you missed it, the AG is also verifying the HPFA won’t allow vaping at the awards. So just to summarize things, the AG interceded in what was essentially an intellectual property claim and is apparently making sure that vaping is not allowed despite, to the best of my knowledge, vaping being a perfectly legal activity in that location.  This actually isn’t the first time the AG’s office apparently overreached to curtail a legal activity.

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