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Businessweek on the Growth of B&M Vape Shops

Local e-cigarette stores have been sprouting up across the country like wildflowers lately.  This has not gone unnoticed in the business world. Business Week ran an article about the phenomenon noting that these shops are now occupying space once populated by small businesses that fell during the great recession. The TVECA notes in the piece that these shops may be better suited to handle the upcoming regulations that may make a ghost town of virtual internet storefronts.

Healthy Markups on E-Cigarettes Turn Vacant Storefronts Into ‘Vape Shops’

Some regulations, including a potential ban on Internet sales, could help brick-and-mortars. The TVECA estimates that physical stores will sell more than $1 billion in vaping equipment and products this year. If online sales, estimated around $500 million in 2013, move offline next year, many of those independent retailers could benefit, the group says.

I’m sure if there are online restrictions, these shops may benefit along with Big Tobacco.  Of course consumers who don’t happen to be around a local shop with a good stock, as well as businesses that can’t make the leap to physical world will be left out in the cold.

Updated: October 23, 2014 — 1:06 pm
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